Our Story

Hi, and thank you for exploring Bcurious Preschool. Let’s introduce ourselves:

Bcurious was established in 2017, we have a great passion for kids, and we love to see them happily develop by using an age suitable approach. Kids are naturally curious and every child has an individual personality of their own, therefore we believe that each one deserves to develop at his own time putting his own interests in mind. So we began to search for a curriculum that best fits this profile, and we came along the Finnish Curriculum that caught our attention. We fell in love with it instantly, we saw that it really aimed to help kids develop in their own way where free expression is encouraged and most importantly in a FUN and stress free environment. And that’s why we decided to be the FIRST educational organization to introduce it in Kuwait. Thankfully the results are great and Parents feedback is amazing, we are really enjoying the journey with our curious kids and we hope you join us too.

Why Finnish

Finland has been ranked as one of the happiest and most successful countries in the world.
Having good and motivated teachers is probably the most important factor influencing the quality of education.
One of the main purposes of the curriculum is to improve student’s opportunities for experiencing the joy and meaningfulness of learning and to develop their active agency and sustainable well-being. 
Respecting the uniqueness of each student and guaranteeing the right to a good education,  
Promoting each student’s growth as a civilized/educated human being and as an active citizen of society.


Enrich World
of Languages

The Muscles

Exploring The
Five Senses


Aim for their smiles, care for their comfort, make sure they have free expressions and surely learning will come along the way. Bashayer Alwohaib (Founder)

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