Our Aim

Our Aim:

Our passion for kids makes us work hard to see them develop in the best way possible. We believe in the holistic approach that aims to develop the child from different angles thats why we focus on five different areas.

Learning to Learn Skills:

It has become known that the best kind of education any child could get is when he builds learning to learn skills, which means that he comes to conclusions for questions he is wondering about on his own. Children are naturally curious, we aim to invest in their curiosity to help them build knowledge and learn new things every day in a FUN and stress free environment. We encourage kids to play freely to learn more from what they are interested in, guided by professionals to interact and make structured learning out of this play.

5 Skills Program:

We believe that each child is a whole,  therefore we work to develop their different skills to ensure a healthy learning process:

1- Social skills

2- Language skills

3- Cognitive skills

4- Sensory skills

5- Physical and fine motor skills

Parents And Teacher Relation:

We really value our parent teacher relation, and we strongly encouraged to build a strong bond and always be in touch regarding the well being and developmental goals and updates regarding their child. 

Because the child spends half of his day in school and the other half in the house We think that it’s best to align the school goals with the parents to make it more effective and get quality results. 

We make sure to work hand in hand and be available for all kinds of feedback and requests.

Outdoor Play:

When our outdoor gates open, our kid’s faces automatically lift up, not only is outdoor play fun, but it is known that it is a very important element in the process of learning. Kids learn more when they are actively playing and interested by their surrounding they play, move and interact with the environment with a breeze of fresh air and some sunlight, it just adds a lot of more fun to their days in school. And we make sure that our kids go outdoor on a daily basis.


Our teachings are mainly in english because we believe that kids can learn a second language from a very young age. Nevertheless we also think that living in Arab country we should give arabic Language it’s value, therefore we make sure that the kids are exposed to a lesson of arabic on a daily basis, with some islamic values to learn from all in a fun and exciting way