The Team

Bashayer Alwohaib


Majoring in developmental psychology Bashayer believes that foundation years are the most important ones in a child’s life. Given a good environment and age appropriate tools by talented and motivated teachers will result in the best interest of kids life.
Moto: Every small deed matters!


Curriculum Advisor

Minna a psychologist and curriculum developer from Finland works hand in hand with Bcurious team to make the learning process on kids a similar as it can be from the finnish way having in mind the cultural differences that need to considered.

Asmaa Othman

Customer Care director

Being an empathetic person she is, Asmaa makes sure every parent and child enters and leaves the school with signs of satisfaction. She works hard on making it easy for any inquiries or comments to be answered and accepted.

Maryam Alwohaib

Videographer/ Volunteer team coordinater

Maryam makes our moments very lively with her happy toned videos that she creates, not only that but Maryam also makes it possible for our volunteers that love kids get proper training and be able to work with kids in a skillful manner.

Noha Barakat (Ladybugs Teacher)


7 years in experience, noha acts as a mother to our little ladybugs, making sure they benefit as much as they can when they come to Bcurious everyday.

Maliha Hadi (Butterflies Teacher)


5 years in experience with kids, Maliha really understands kids and their needs, she is very sweet kind and creative. She makes sure to connect with their parents to let them know and be onboard on their child’s development.

Jihad hafith (Arabic Teacher)

Arabic teacher

Jihad is a talented and creative teacher, she is very observant and creative in making arabic language admirable for kids, she encourages kids to learn and express using their arabic language, kids love having her class every day.

Francisca (Grasshoppers Teacher)


Francis loves kids, she is fun and active and very musical, everyday she works her best to make the kids day as joyful as possible giving them a skills or two to develop. She is great in making kids responsible.

Samar Jameel (Tadpoles Teacher)


18 years in experience, Samar summarizes her teaching to the point where kids really benefit from what she has to say or do with them, she is very patient, caring and easy going. Kids are very loyal to her class.

Evelyn Lopez (Bees Teacher)


Coming all the way from th USA evelyn gives a diverse experience to her students. She loves to have the kids engaged and express what’s on their mind, she also focuses a lot on the hands on activities that they learn from, kids love to come to her class.

Noor (Frogs Teacher)


Noor is a dedicated warm hearted teacher, she loves to see all her kids happy and on the journey of development. She is really persistent and hard working when it comes to every childs development level, if a child needs help she makes sure he gets it in the right way!



Because kids health is really important to us, Jomini is an inhouse nurse that is here when any child needs help or support in any health issues, she makes sure that Bcurious is a healthy school.


Social Media specialist

Hareem Spreads Joy and makes all our memories permanent by capturing them and sharing them through different forms of media. She is incharge of connecting Bcurious to the world.

Aseel Alwohaib

Graphic designer

Aseel keeps adding value to what Bcurious wants to reach out with the public by making it well designed and presentable and creative.


Security guard

Jaber makes sure every child enters our school safe and leaves safely, he does it greatly with warm hearts and happy hand shakes and waves, he really makes kids days special.